Scene: Pentagon and outside wheeler labs

List significant details about William Parcher:

Mysterious, scary, looks like secret service agent, superior, looking down on John, lighting behind him- revelation, serious, doesn’t say anything- just observes

What is John doing when William Parcher appears

Breaking Russian codes that are imbedded in radio frequencies

John wants to know more about what they are doing but they shut him down

Scene 2: John is bored “…and I am doing stress tests on a dam.”

Going home, dark, been working all day on things he doesn’t enjoy

Film techniques used to show William 

Low angle point of view shot from Johns perspective- only John can see him

dialogue “Who’s Big Brother?” comment from John gets ignored

As John gets taken away- point of view shots of William Parcher

Scene 2:

Hear William, Panning point of view shot of John turning around, then we see him

What purpose is William in John’s life

Paranoia- everyone experiences it but his is heightened because of mental illness- stress related, just been shut down (gets told he is extraordinary but then gets shown door)

Gives John a purpose, intellectual stimulation

When John is bored- William turns up and gives him another project

Charles= social support

William=intellectual support/stimulation

finding answers- creating solutions to equations that he previously couldn’t solve

When he gets shut down, creates another person to give him another opportunity

What does William represent in this scene? Why is he important?


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